Film Industry Secrets - How to apply foundation the Tina Earnshaw way

A lady never reveals her age, but I have been working as a make-up artist since 1970. I absolutely love what I continue to do, having worked on some iconic faces from Kate Winslett to Penelope Cruz. Still today, the satisfaction of helping my actress look ready and feel her best when filming, is a wonderful privilege.

I am most well known in this industry for my classic beauty make-up on the leading ladies of Hollywood, and I have a secret to tell you… it’s ALL in the skin. When it comes to beauty make-up, no amount of expertly applied eyeliner or lipstick will matter if the skin isn’t on point.

Here is my 3 step approach to foundation (concealer is a whole other post!)

1. To achieve perfect skin, you must first prime your base using something lightweight and smoothing. My favourite product for this is Boots No.7 Protect & Perfect Serum - you can read all about it here. A light moisturizer will also work well. Really buff this into the skin with my Tina Earnshaw Foundation Brush.

2. Apply two fine layers of a foundation, but wait for it… the first layer is one shade lighter than your neck. It’s counterintuitive to many make-up artists to go with a lighter foundation, but under camera, this is a brilliant trick to cheat the “lit from within glow”. Mary Greenwell is another make-up artist who uses this technique. Make sure the foundation you use is one that sets, rather than staying wet on the skin. The second layer of foundation you apply is the perfect match to the skin tone and hides your clever little trick. For this technique I like to use La Prairie Skin Caviar and By Terry Densiliss foundations are both excellent at self-setting. I use my Tina Earnshaw Mini Foundation Brush in number 9 to apply.

3. Set your foundation sparingly with the finest powder and use blot paper where possible. Excessive powder gives the game away, so you need to create a shine-free and poreless complexion, without the make-up looking obvious. Now because your skin care base was light, you won’t need to powder puff the face and kill the look of gorgeous skin. I use my Tina Earnshaw Large Face Blender Brush or my Small Shader Brush to press on powder in a gentle, purposeful way.

There we have it make-up artists and make-up lovers, I hope you enjoyed discovering my foundation secrets.